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Have You Suffered A Brain Injury?2020-09-02T15:20:48-04:00

Recovering Compensation After A Brain Injury

A brain injury can have long-lasting effects, which can become even worse if the victim delays or avoids seeking treatment. It can lead to lengthy absences from work or even a permanent disability. This can mean thousands of dollars for medical bills, lost wages and long-term care.

At the Piazza Law Group, our personal injury attorneys are proven trial attorneys. That means that they build cases that seek the compensation you truly deserve, and they do not settle early. We will always seek to maximize your compensation.

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Do Not Delay In Seeking Treatment For A Brain Injury

Many people delay treatment because they do not know they are experiencing signs of a TBI. Others believe their injury will improve on its own. This delay can harm your claim and affect your health. If you believe you have a brain or head injury (or any injury, for that matter), seek medical care as soon as possible.

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