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Do not underestimate parking lot accidents

//Do not underestimate parking lot accidents

Do not underestimate parking lot accidents

When most people think of parking lot accidents, they think of fender benders and minimal damage. However, people can still sustain serious brain injuries and substantial property damage even when both vehicles traveled slowly.

The National Safety Council reports that roughly 50,000 collisions occur in parking lots in the United States every year. Out of that number, 60,000 injuries occur while roughly 500 lose their lives each year. These types of car accidents happen every day in Pennsylvania, and people should treat them seriously just as they would any other auto accident.

Parking lots pose unique dangers

Cars travel slowly in parking lots, but numerous other factors contribute to crashes. One reason is that people are less likely to fully pay attention to their surroundings in a parking lot. Drivers may look at their cellphones while pulling out of a spot or fail to take the time to make sure it is safe to merge.

There can also be factors unrelated to the drivers. It is up to the property owner to maintain the grounds and fill in any cracks and potholes that could contribute to a collision. Signage can become obstructed, and in these instances, the victims of the crash may be able to hold the property owner liable.

Ways to avoid becoming a statistic

People drive around parking lots often, so it is important to continue being vigilant by keeping cellphones out of sight, looking both ways before moving into a parking space, and backing out slowly. One helpful tip is to park far away from the entrance of the building. This may not be possible for some people, but for able-bodied individuals, parking spots away from the entrance are usually less crowded, so they can feel more confident that they will not encounter as many vehicles in this area.

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