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Pennsylvania rural roads pose serious dangers

//Pennsylvania rural roads pose serious dangers

Pennsylvania rural roads pose serious dangers

In Pennsylvania, rural roads can pose a variety of hazards to drivers that may result in serious injuries. Authorities often overlook these lesser-traveled secondary routes both in terms of safety as well as maintenance.

If you are a driver in Pennsylvania, you should be aware of the hazards of rural roads so you can adequately prepare and avoid them. Here is some information about the risks that rural roads pose to drivers, as well as how to proceed if you suffer a serious injury in a crash on a country road:

Factors increasing risk

A study by national transportation research group TRIP showed that Pennsylvania’s rural roads are among the deadliest in the country. There are several factors that substantially increase the risk of accidents and injuries on the state’s rural roads. One of these is the fact that there are fewer safety features in these remote areas when compared to urban centers. This can include a lack of infrastructure that permits installing traffic lights, road signs and intersections. The roads themselves often have lanes that are not as wide as those in busier areas, which can make them more dangerous.

Country roads can provoke serious crashes

Many people assume that rural roads would actually be safer for drivers, because of the reduced speeds and lack of heavy traffic and multiple lanes. However, the opposite is actually true. Serious car crashes and injuries occur on rural roads due to speeding, low visibility, unsafe and aggressive driving, and, as mentioned above, a lack of appropriate safety measures such as signage and signals. If you suffer a serious injury on one of Pennsylvania’s back roads, you should not hesitate to seek adequate medical care, even if you fear that you may be unable to afford it. There are several ways you can pay for your treatment, including taking legal action to sue for damages if you suffered an injury as a result of a negligent driver.

Do not allow the relative calm you may perceive on peaceful back roads in Pennsylvania lead you to think that they are safer than other, busier thoroughfares. The hazards of these roads are real, and good drivers know that they should practice defensive driving and use extra caution when they have to travel these areas.

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