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Common malpractice-related birth injuries

//Common malpractice-related birth injuries

Common malpractice-related birth injuries

When you have a child, you want your delivery to go as smoothly as possible, and a healthy baby is almost always the most desirable outcome. Regrettably, birth injuries do occur, and while some happen for natural reasons, others are the result of physician negligence or medical malpractice.

Certain malpractice-related birth injuries are more common than others, and include the following.

Brain injuries

If your baby suffers oxygen deprivation during the birthing process or shortly thereafter, he or she may face long-term disabilities and physical or mental hardships as a result. Oxygen deprivation can take place if your baby spends too much time in the birth canal, or if medical professionals fail to adequately monitor the baby in the moments following the birth, among other reasons.

Caput succedaneum

Caput succedaneum is a clinical term that can result if a doctor does not follow proper procedure when using a vacuum extraction tool during delivery. If your baby suffers this type of injury, he or she may experience considerable swelling on the back of the head, which tends to subside over time.

Brachial palsy-related injuries

In most cases, brachial palsy-related injuries occur during the birthing process if the doctor performing the birth uses too much force or misdirected force when trying to free your baby’s body from your pelvis. If the physician damages the bundle of nerves your baby needs to freely move his or her extremities, this may lead to conditions including Klumpke’s palsy and Erb’s palsy.


Fractures are another type of birth injury that can arise from malpractice. Clavicle fractures are particularly common, and they occur most frequently if your physician uses too much force when trying to free your baby from your body.

Many of these birth injuries are largely preventable if the doctor performing your birth is well-trained and diligent in his or her work. If your baby suffered a birth injury and you believe it occurred because of physician negligence or malpractice, you may want to discuss your concerns with an attorney.

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