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Fighting For Mothers Hurt During Childbirth

While newborn children are vulnerable to all sorts of injuries and illnesses, mothers can also suffer adverse effects during childbirth, some of them caused by negligent medical care.

At the Piazza Law Group, our medical malpractice lawyers’ goal is to handle all of the difficult legal work of seeking compensation, allowing you to recover and spend time with your child. That is why we say it’s your story, but our voice. Our attorneys are proven trial lawyers who know how to fight for the compensation you deserve, even if that means going before a jury.

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You Focus On Your Family While We Build A Strong Case

A doctor or nurse’s error, failure to monitor or failure to diagnose a potential problem can have life-altering effects for both mother and child. In addition to injuries to the child, new moms may have to deal with the painful results of:

  • Errors made during a C-section, such as a medication error, leaving a foreign instrument inside the mother’s body cavity or heavy scarring caused by poorly making or closing up an incision
  • Uterine rupture caused by drugs given to induce labor
  • Fissures and tears to the vagina and anus which can result in severe pain and maybe the need for corrective surgery
  • Infection after an episiotomy
  • Failure to monitor heart rate and blood pressure after an epidural

A lawsuit is the last thing any new parent wants to think about. As our client, you can rest easy while leaving your case in our capable hands. We work with the medical experts to build a strong case. If you are worried about the costs, we can even help you find medical care while your case moves forward.

You Are Not Alone. Call Piazza Law Group Today.

We take all of our cases on a contingency fee basis. That means you do not have to worry about the costs of a consultation or filing a lawsuit. Any attorney fees will be paid out of the compensation you recover. To learn more about how we can help, contact us online or call us today at 570-382-3143 to schedule a free consultation.


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