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The Causes of Trucking Accidents2020-09-02T15:18:12-04:00

The Causes Of Trucking Accidents

At the Piazza Law Group, our attorneys have developed a reputation in Scranton and across Pennsylvania for their ability to fight trucking companies and their insurers to get the justice accident victims need. Our lawyers can examine the causes of truck accidents to prove where fault lies and build the strongest possible claim to maximize compensation.

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Driver Fatigue

Drivers must adhere to federal regulations about how many hours a day they can be behind the wheel. They must keep detailed logs about their driving hours. When truck drivers spend too many hours driving — either by their own choice or under pressure from employers — the resulting fatigue can lead to less cautious driving.

Lack Of Maintenance

Trucking companies must maintain brakes, tires and engines, along with addressing a host of other issues to ensure trucks are safe to be on the road. Trailers and loads must also be properly secured. When a problem occurs such as a tire blowout, the results can be catastrophic for the truck driver and other nearby cars.

Drunk Or Distracted Driving

Just like in any other vehicle, truck drivers cannot get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol to excess. The difference is that in Pennsylvania, a truck driver cannot drive with a blood alcohol content higher than .04. An individual driving a regular vehicle cannot operate a motor vehicle with a BAC higher than .08. Additionally, some truck drivers take amphetamines to try and stay awake.

Speeding Or Other Traffic Violations

Truck drivers must adhere to the same laws as everyone else on the road. Additionally, in a state like Pennsylvania, where the interstates and Pennsylvania Turnpike have many twists, turns and steep ascents and descents, truck drivers need to drive at an appropriate speed for the conditions.

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